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Boguslaw Walusiak

President and Founder

Greetings to all, and welcome to AFAPARK!


2015 is an important year for AFAPARK as we are celebrating 10 years spent by your side and we hope to experience together many more years of collaboration.


Our goal is to turn parking lots into a welcoming, safe and comfortable area, but also to assure car drivers an easy parking by guiding them in an intuitive and user-friendly way to their space.

For a decade now, AFAPARK has been transforming the stressful ordeal that is parking into a moment of satisfaction and pleasure immediately perceptible thanks to an unrivalled sensorial experience.

For parking lots administrators, AFAPARK guarantees a filling of the sites maximized until the last space and offers a complete and performing parking lots’ management solution.


Each product of our range has been studied down to the last detail in order to be of the highest quality and efficiency.

The choice of LEDs, of the luminous power, of the flickering duration, of the shape and color was considered for a better perception of the guidance and a greater comfort for the car drivers.

The welcoming sound system, emitted from sensors and patented at a European level, allows a reassuring dialogue with the car driver… your client!


AFAPARK, it is also men and women who contribute every day to develop a company… our company, their company.

Of course, behind every man, every woman, there are families, obligations, daily worries. Yet, despite that, they are fully committed to making AFAPARK a true success, which is theirs today.

This is why I would like to pay homage to these people, to thank them for their loyalty, their generosity and their extraordinary work which allow AFAPARK to grow with them.


Nowadays, the AFAPARK system equips more than 135 000 parking spaces on 140 sites in 10 different countries in Europe and in Asia. Tomorrow, we are certain that it will serve the parking lots users in other countries of the world.

Your clients appreciate each day the quality and reliability of our guiding systems.


Our idea of service and listening, the ability to customize our products, our after-sales service are at the disposal of you all, our clients.


We are proud of the projects achieved by your side and we appreciate greatly the trust you put in our technology and in our teams.


It is precisely this trust which enables us to envisage with enthusiasm and optimism another decade!



AFAPARK, Perceptibly Different.


Boguslaw Walusiak,  President and Founder


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Our presence in Europe as well as in Asia make AFAPARK® a world leader in the parking facility guidance systems market.


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