Full parking facility occupancy

In most parking facilities, optimally occupied and not equipped with the AFAPARK system, 2% of the parking spaces nevertheless remain unused. application of the AFAPARK system guarantees 100% optimization of your parking facility space. The clear lighted signals ensure immediate and unambiguous visualization of the spaces available. The system guides the motorist to the nearest parking spot.


Average parking time reduced to less than 6 minutes

Parking without AFAPARK system

Parking with AFAPARK system installed

Responsible traffic management

Thanks to smooth traffic flow and the reduction of waiting lines at drive aisles, CO2 exhaust emissions are reduced 4 times, naturally leading to a reduction in the power consumption rates on the fan systems and simplified facility management.

Working conditions for operating personnel are improved by obviating the very burdensome task of manually count free spaces, thus making for a healthier work environment.


We have multiple distributors worldwide

Our presence in Europe as well as in Asia make AFAPARK® a world leader in the parking facility guidance systems market.

Reduction of night time energy consumption

Thanks to the ECO function of the AFAPARK monitoring software, operators are able to monitor the disconnection of power to the lighted signals in the parking facility based on the occupancy rate. They can set the times when the signals will turn off and turn back on, which leads to significantly reduced power consumption. The sensors, however, operate in real time, so as to provide reliable statistics.



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Streamlining of parking facility occupancy

Parking without AFAPARK system

Parking with AFAPARK system installed