AFAPARK® offers a complete and innovative solution for parking management by introducing, developing, and marketing advanced systems for smoothing traffic flows, welcoming the public, and site management.

An engineering and research office

For more than 10 years, the AFAPARK company has continually studied and researched improvements in parking guidance systems thanks to its dedicated engineering and development office.

A pioneer in the development of sensory and ergonomic guidance systems, AFAPARK® follows a cyclical process of research and updating, constantly innovating and improving its solutions. The awards granted to AFAPARK® crown its years of research, innovation and results in smoothing the parking process.



A support and advisory service

So as to better respond to issues of optimum management of your parking facilities and the well-being of your users, AFAPARK has developed a department wholly dedicated to advisory services to assist in planning for facility organization and security.

Enlisting AFAPARK upstream of your project can save you good money on investment costs for the creation of a parking facility, reduced operating costs, and a rapid return on investment.



The key points

1995: birth of the company AFAPARK-SIIR, created by Boguslaw Walusiak, President and Founder.

2002: marketing of the AFAPARK concept begins.

Headquarters and management offices located in France.

Production and R&D facilities located in Poland.

5 sales offices in Paris, Moscow, Krakow, Milan, Rome and Munich.

140 equipped parking facilities in 10 countries.

135 000 parking stalls installed.

145 million vehicles guided to parking stalls per year.


We have multiple distributors worldwide

Our presence in Europe as well as in Asia make AFAPARK® a world leader in the parking facility guidance systems market.


We have multiple partners