Responsible traffic management

• Real time monitoring of parking facility occupancy rate.

• Monitoring software available on site or on the Web.

• Per stall management of your parking facility.

• Monitoring the status of a given stall and ability to make forced status changes.

• Display of parking facility statistics, by level or by stall.

• Updates to software, supplementary statistics.

• Detection of long-stay vehicles.

• Detection of illicit parking and/or vehicles occupying more than one stall.


• Computer Intelligence: our systems self-diagnose and respond to their breakdowns.

• The settings, maintenance, troubleshooting and verification of system components is facilitated by infrared remote response.

• The remote maintenance tools allow remote maintenance, updating and settings change operations, via an Internet connection.

• Training of managers and technicians to perform level 1 repairs (sensor calibration, part replacement). Documentation provided.

• HOTLINE: 24/7 instant remote connection in case of problems with the system.

• Live Chat Support. Having a problem? Got a question? Discuss it with one of our technicians, Live, on your monitoring software.

• An extra set of sensors/ signals/ panels automatically provided with your order.

• 2 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty.

• NEW: development of a cross-platform application to monitor your parking facility and detect possible breakdowns, with Live support from AFAPARK.



We have multiple distributors worldwide

Our presence in Europe as well as in Asia make AFAPARK® a world leader in the parking facility guidance systems market.


• Audio welcome to parking stalls, with a choice of messages that can be set with the computer tool locally or remotely from your marketing department.

• Possibility of broadcasting 3 different messages per day and per stall, with your choice of the time of message delivery, in 30 minute segments.

• (SSS type Sound Broadcasting (evacuation message).

• Statistics on the number of messages broadcast per level, area or parking stall.


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