To end the anxiety of daily use and operation of parks, AFAPARK has designed and developed a set of intelligent solutions that are revolutionizing parking management.

• Visibility, sizes and panel signage for intuitive guidance.

• Flashing LED signals to attract the eye for rapid identification of vacant parking spaces, even for the color-blind.

• Signs consisting of 36 LEDs for visual comfort - non-aggressive.

• Synchronized flashing on panels and signals

• Flash duration studied by professionals for pleasant, comfortable, stress free guidance.

• Brightness on panels and signs on stalls adjustable to suit the lighting conditions in the parking facility, for optimum comfort.




• NEW: development of a cross-platform application to find your parking spot.

• NEW: Dynamic exit panels to guide users to the least crowded exit.




• A loudspeaker in each sensor for an audio welcome.

• Audio welcome depending on the type of stall (Handicapped, Family, etc.)

• Customization of audio message, providing stall number or information regarding offers or sales events.

• A loudspeaker every two signals to broadcast ambient music and evacuation messages.

• Audio intelligibility and comfort unparalleled in parking facilities, thanks to the numerous broadcasting points and their arrangement.






We have multiple distributors worldwide

Our presence in Europe as well as in Asia make AFAPARK® a world leader in the parking facility guidance systems market.


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