Intuitive detection and signaling of available parking stalls in real time, with dynamic visual information and audio messages, allows for easy, stress-free movement. This makes your customers’ journey fluid and user-friendly, from the parking facility entrance to the parking stall.

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Upon entering the facility, a dynamic display indicates the total number of available stalls, and welcomes motorists to enter by immediately informing them of the available parking capacity.


Once inside the parking facility, motorists are guided, level by level, by dynamic directional displays pointing them toward the areas with vacant stalls.


In each of these zones, displays indicate the location of available stalls aisle by aisle.


Once motorists have chosen an aisle, a red or green-colored signal in each stall immediately and unambiguously informs them the location of the vacant stalls. At the moment when the vehicle is parked, the sensor generally located at the center of the stall on the ceiling detects the presence of a vehicle and changes its signal from green to red.


The displays at aisle entry points and zone entry points then remove that stall from the count of available stalls.


As an optional feature, a personalized welcome message may be broadcast from the sensor housing, assisting motorists in remembering the location of their parking stall and ensuring easy return to their vehicles. This message may be supplemented by an informational or advertising message, which can be remotely personalized by your marketing department with the use of our tools.  The same may be done for specific parking stall types (handicapped, family, electric vehicle, courtesy spaces, etc.)


As an optional feature an ambient music system can be broadcast from the signal housing, allowing the whole facility to be harmoniously outfitted with a sound system. This system is also capable of broadcasting fire safety messages.


In order to adapt to the various architectural constraints of your parking facilities while optimizing implementation costs, AFAPARK develops and evolves its product range every day.



So as to give the parking facility manager maximum control over the site, the AFAPARK® VISUAL and AFAPARK WEB management software applications provide graphical information on all available and occupied stalls. They provide an overview of the parking facility, and offer clear statistics useful for organizational and marketing purposes.

High performance, user-friendly, the AFAPARK parking guidance system presents significant advantages for both users and operators of parking facilities.