The AFAPARK® PRO system with patented audio message to the parking space!

The European Patent Office has recognized the invention developed by AFAPARK® and granted the European patent certificate on the 29th April 2015. AFAPARK® becomes the only company able to offer a parking guidance system with audio message option. The AFAPARK® PRO range system with audio message allows you to broadcast over individual parking lot a welcome message, warning alert, or announcement for special-purpose vehicles or even an advertisement


    European Patent Certificate

The AFAPARK® system is certified for the broadcasting of safety messages meeting EN 54 standard

The AFAPARK® speaker used in our range of products have gained EN 54-24 certification. Therefore, you can always rely on and use our guidance parking system in case of emergency or evacuation alert to broadcast alert messages which meets SSS Security Sound System standard.


    EN 54-24 Certificate


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Reduced environmental impact of the manufacture and reprocessing

AFAPARK® applies the RoHS - European directive which limits the use of hazardous substances and supports WEEE reprocessing through our registration number, E0020293W awarded by the Polish Ministry of Environment. We are engaged in an active approach to environmental protection.


      WEEE reprocessing Certificate

Our presence in Europe as well as in Asia make AFAPARK® a world leader in the parking facility guidance systems market.

AFAPARK continues to improve the quality of its products by obtaining ISO 9001:2009

AFAPARK® performance and sustainability of its products are in the central interest of the company and prove our commitment to offer a reliable system requiring only minor maintenance. The renewal of our ISO 9001:2009 certification for the 2017-2018 year ensures that you receive compliant and efficient products that meet the rigorous requirements of standards in France and Europe.



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     ISO 9001:2009 Certificate

Our product design

Our AFAPARK® PRO range model is protected for over 10 years. This product of our conception is designed to give aesthetic quality and to allow a perfect and harmonious sound system in your car parks.


    Design Certificate