Welcome to your smooth running, safe, comfortable, user-friendly parking facility. AFAPARK has imagined and designed a set of intuitive solutions that quietly revolutionize motorists’ perceptions and optimize operators’ management of their sites.


• Solutions for all types of parking facilities both outdoor and indoor: counting, signaling, dynamic guidance panels at entry and exit, signal panels, sign posts.

• Detection and signaling, with two elements or one in the AIO (All In One) version.

• Customization: our products match your environment (color, logos, intuitive details, visible and audio details).

• Design of unique systems with exclusive user-focused functionality.

• Autonomous, modular, adjustable, adaptable devices, scalable to 3 levels.

• Intuitive ergonomy.

• Impact resistant material with the use of aluminum housings (patented model).

• Possibility for interfacing with different systems and configurations (city marking panels, toll systems, centralized technical management, etc.).

• management of lighting based on occupancy rates, per area or per level.

• software for the management of one or more parking facilities locally or remotely via the web.

• Enhanced and expanded statistics from reporting provided by our 102 parking facility managers over the past 10 years.


We have multiple distributors worldwide

Our presence in Europe as well as in Asia make AFAPARK® a world leader in the parking facility guidance systems market.


• A loudspeaker in each sensor for an audio welcome.

• A loudspeaker every two signals to broadcast ambient music and evacuation messages.

• Possibility of adding an audio module at a later time.

• (SSS Sound Management (evacuation messages, fire safety)

• Compliance with the European RASTI audio intelligibility norms.



We have multiple partners


• A European establishment with a presence from Russia to Turkey and Kazakhstan has made AFAPARK® one of the world leaders in the parking guidance systems market.

• Computer Intelligence: our systems self-diagnose and respond to their breakdowns.

• The settings, maintenance, troubleshooting and verification of system components is facilitated by infrared remote response.

• The remote maintenance tools allow remote maintenance, updating and settings change operations, via an Internet connection.

• HOTLINE: 24/7 instant remote connection in case of problems with the system.

• 2 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty.