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AFAPARK, благодаря широкой сети представителей в Европе и на азиатском рынке, является одним из мировых лидеров по продаже систем парковки автомобилей на стоянках.


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Boguslaw Walusiak

President and Founder

Good afternoon,


Before the 2022 summer holidays, I would like, as founder and on behalf of the group in Europe, to give you news of the AFAPARK company.

Following the difficult period of Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021 and with the unstable geopolitical situation in Europe for 2022, AFAPARK continues to manufacture and provide all after-sales services on the entire range of our products.


As you know, our first equipped car parks date back to 2004 and it has been 18 years that our technology in different ranges and software developments have enabled us to remain a major player in this activity of counting in place.


As a solution developer and European manufacturer of our products (factory located in Krakow, Poland), we have never relocated our production to Asia in order to favor local production with our local partners and thus maintain a constant quality of our entire range of products.


Admittedly, there are difficulties in supplying components, longer lead times and an increase in prices, but we have managed to maintain our production and the sensor and software products are all available. So, we invite you to contact us to talk about it and find the solution you need.


We will very soon allow via our website on www.afapark.com to give access to an online store and give you the possibility of personalizing your solution among all our products. So, you will be able to simulate your quote and place your order directly with our web services. In this way, we will reduce response times on our part and improve our customer service.

This new service will be accompanied by online advice to support and guide you throughout this technical and commercial process.


Since 2021 we have redesigned our service policy to be closer to you. Today, internet technology successfully guarantees our proximity to you while being relocated from your workplace.

Every customer can benefit from products and services such as:

- a credit of 12 hours of our technical assistance thanks to the "HOTLINE12H" product in several languages,

- the AFAPARKWEB platform allows you as a user to follow your parking live and see around thirty statistics remotely,

- level I - training session (hardware) to intervene yourself with our real-time assistance,

- level II - maintenance (software) provided by AFAPARK and our partners near your car parks location,

- the maintenance kit on your site or your technical service provider on site to avoid manufacturing delays of 8 to 10 weeks,

- an intervention throughout Europe following precise quotes and your order form.


Regarding your car park modification/renovation projects or new projects, we have all the skills to advise and guide you as a project manager specializing in car park flows:

- dynamic guidance

- static guidance

- road signs

- creation of a graphic charter for the car park.

We are surrounded by specialists, and we jointly solve all your parking problems.


So don't wait any longer, call us, write to us, we always have the solution best suited to your needs.


Best regards and see you very soon.


Boguslaw Walusiak,  President and Founder